Dr. B. Rafael Elejalde

Dr. B. Rafael Elejalde, practices medicine with the patient’s interests and needs as the driving force of his services. The Doctor’s Office has as its goal the simplification of the medical services that have progressively become extremely complex, delayed, and involving many individuals in the provision of medical services that can be done by one individual, producing better, more effective outcomes at a much lower cost financially, medically, and socially. At the same time, Dr. Elejalde wants to provide the patients with medical services at the highest standard of professionalism, following the accepted established guidelines and recommendations for “Best Medical Practice” proven to be effective and not harmful.

Dr. Elejalde wants the patients to tell him the complete history of the reason that brings them to the consultation, he wants to obtain a complete medical history, and to perform a complete physical examination to form an accurate working diagnosis that is explored further by using ultrasonography in order to have a more detailed view of the organ or tissue that appears to be the one of concern. The onsite laboratory testing done during the consultation allows to reach a complete diagnosis in many cases leading to the start of the treatment immediately, and the patient can acquire the prescribed medications before leaving the Doctor’s office. Dr. Elejalde has an extensive medical experience and practice, having seen thousands of patients (pregnant women, newborns, children, adolescent, adults and geriatric). He has successfully resolved the medical problems that bring the patients to the consultation treating them effectively and promptly. He has seen nearly 30,000 women to whom he has provided their needed services.

Dr. Elejalde practices general medicine (primary and secondary), combining traditional and Genetic-Genomic personalized medicine providing unique medical experience to each patient who consults him. When the patient’s condition falls outside of his expertise, he will refer the patient to the appropriate specialist.