How We’re Different

We’ve modernized your grandparent’s doctor’s office. Our patients get individualized, one-on-one treatment by a qualified provider without the long waits or paperwork headaches.

We do not accept insurance. We only accept cash, credit or debit. We do this so we can keep costs down. Often your costs at The Doctor’s Office are more inexpensive than your deductible.


How to Visit The Doctor's Office

Here's What People Are Saying

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My son needed medical attention and we got right in! Low cost and help in an instant! such a great option!
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Outstanding service. To the point. Non-discriminatory. Easy. Helpful. Caring. I highly recommend this facility.
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I went here for an awful cough and heavy chest. I had pnemonia. The doctor got my meds and saw me for under $100 that I normally pay at my regular doctor without meds. This office is great. I look forward to his continued success.
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Embracing the simple while keeping it modern. No hassles. There is great relief in knowing your health is cared for by people who care. Doctoring like this shouldn't be rare or nostalgic.
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Exactly how a doctor visit should be.
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This place is a godsend. I was suffering from a weird ear. I came to the doctors office and I was helped within minutes. Alia the receptionist got me in quick with doctor Rick Barney. Dr. Rick was so friendly and professional. He cleared my weird ear in minutes. I felt like a brand new person. This is how healthcare should be done. I am honestly so thankful for this.

Our Locations

Darien, Wisconsin

Janesville, Wisconsin

Brookfield, Wisconsin