Courtney Castelein

I began my journey in healthcare career over 10 years ago in emergency medicine. I was a volunteer EMT working for rescue squads while going to school. My passion for helping others and serving the community is what drove me to continue my education.

I attended Bryant and Stratton where I achieved my degree as a registered nurse. I specialized in emergency medicine and continued my passion for acute care both in the hospital and in the community. While working the night shift, I continued my bachelor’s and master’s degree through Chamberlain College of Nursing and graduated as a nurse practitioner shortly after. I then transitioned my career to begin working as a nurse practitioner for a neurosurgery group.

Neurosurgery has given me a variety of skills from working in the office to seeing patients in the hospital and occasionally joining the team during surgical procedures. The job has provided a great understanding of how specialties work together as well as what hospital medicine versus outpatient practice looks like.

I joined The Doctor’s Office team in January of 2019 where I continue to grow my skills and knowledge. I once again find joy in serving the community and being able to spend the time and attention solely on my patient’s needs. When not in the office, I enjoy my two dogs, being active outside, reading and spending time with those close to me.