Dr. Walter Fuhr

I would like to help people in any way I can, tell it the way it is, and hopefully bring their health and person to a better place than before we met. I consider myself more like a coach (serving you) when it comes to treating acute conditions, chronic illness or modifying behavior or habits: The burden of ownership lies with the patient themselves, and cooperation is paramount.

My father was a proficient engineer who tackled almost anything DIY (with our clumsy help), as the how does it work mentality was cultivated during my developing years. My father, who sadly did not live to celebrate his 52nd birthday, succumbed to skin cancer in a dramatically rapid fashion. This was my introduction into primary care (as my parents experienced it), as I saw the struggles of my mothers not knowing who to call, where to go. I quickly redirected my passions from heart/lung transplant surgeon to primary care provider. I have never looked back, and have no regrets in becoming a family physician, providing access and expertise however I am able, teaming up with each patient to add something to each ones life, and bring them to a better place.

I believe mutual trust is important, and improved health care is established over time through honest communication and relationships. Appropriate availability and accommodation are also foundational in delivering todays healthcare.

An in-touch clinician can usually diagnose a medical condition with good listening and history taking. The examination is important though, and can confirm inclinations. Further testing can also be necessary. Monitoring chronic illness helps reinforce good treatment plans and identify areas of concern. This helps form realistic goals towards improved health. Good results come with hard work at times, requiring active participation in treatment regimens and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Walter Fuhr

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